Shreyas Arts is an institution created with the aim of promoting the beauty of the Indian culture through the art of Bharatha Natyam. It is our dream to promote and integrate the beauty of the ancient Indian culture into the mainstream. 

The word ‘Shreyas’ refers to all that is auspicious and good. It is said in the Hindu scriptures that all our actions should be “Shreyas,” or those actions that are good in the long run. Since its inception in 2002, Shreyas Arts has grown from a home environment into its own studio in the Carrollwood area of Tampa. The progress of the dancers has amazed the local community. The phenomenal strides, achieved in the short span of years, have brought the school to be known as a place of learning, joy, and integrity. All traditional classes are enhanced with the use of modern equipment along with books and other research materials.

This site, and all that we do at Shreyas Arts, is dedicated to the memory of my late Guru Padmini Ramachandran and all the Gurus who have given so much to us.


Sheila Pitchumoni Narayanan – dance teacher, choreographer, and dancer – is the founder of Shreyas Arts, established in 2002 in Tampa, Florida with the blessings of her Guru, legendary dancer Natya Peroli Padmini Ramachandran, and the Gurus of Padmini Institute of Fine Arts – Smt. Radha Balasubramaniam, Sri Krishna Kumar, Smt. Rajalakshmi Ramani, and Smt. Nalini Jayanthi. Sheila began dancing at the young age of five, and has also been privileged to receive additional training from some of the most accomplished dance gurus including Padmini’s sister Lalitha, Padmabhushan Kamala Lakshman, Sudarkodi Padma, Natanamani Balu, ChandraKala, and Mallika Parthasarathy. Sheila had her arangetram in 1979 and began teaching along with Guru Padmini and Guru Radha at that time. Sheila’s grace, combined with her abhinaya – whether romantic, serious, or humorous – allow her to bring simple poetry to life. This extensive range of expressions have kept audiences entranced during both lecture demonstrations and dance programs.

She also has extensive experience in public speaking and has hosted many multicultural programs and lecture-demonstrations on Bharatha Natyam for Air India, India Tourism, and various colleges and schools. Her tremendous teaching experienced, coupled with her gentle manner and ability to relate to students of all ages, have earned her not only a reputation as a quality teacher but also significant praise from her Gurus and other prominent dancers with whom she and her daughter have worked.

Sheila continues to learn from some of the most reputed Gurus including Kalamandalam Radhika, Lakshmanan Subhasri Ravi, and Aarti Bodani.


image02Shreya Narayanan – dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer – is the daughter of Sheila and Ravi Narayanan. Sheila would take Shreya to her own dance lessons and place Shreya on Guru Padmini’s lap while Sheila would continue to dance. Dance is her passion. At the young age of 12, Shreya had her arangetram, conducted by the Gurus of Padmini Institute of Fine Arts. She has been choreographing and teaching for several years. She is a highly requested teacher by many of the students. Her fine timing, quick movements, and strong abhinaya have left audiences across the nation spellbound. Shreya has performed in New Jersey for Guru Padmini and Swami Tadatmananda and in Chennai for an elite audience. Shreya is also a Mohini Attam student of Guru Kalamandalam Radhika and Kathak student of Guru Aarti Bodani.

After her arangetram in 2004, Shreya has had the privilege of learning from some of the most reputed dancers including Shobana, Srithika Ashwin, Kalamandalam Radhika, and Aarti Bodani.


Ravi Narayanan is a full-time management consultant with a passion for the arts. He is an accomplished drama artist. He is the stage coordinator for all Shreyas Arts programs.