Shreyas Arts

About Us

Shreyas Arts is an institution created to highlight the beauty of Indian culture through the art of Bharatha Natyam. Our dream is to promote and integrate the beauty of the ancient Indian culture into the mainstream.

The word ‘Shreyas’ refers to all that is auspicious and good. It is said in the Bhagavad Gita that all our actions should be “Shreyas,” or those actions that may seem difficult today but are good in the long run.

Classes that started from the home in 2002 soon outgrew the home environment, and the official studio in the Carrollwood area has continued to flourish. The phenomenal strides achieved have made the school known as a place of learning, joy, and integrity. All traditional classes are enhanced with the use of modern equipment along with books and other research materials.

This site, and all that we do at Shreyas Arts, is dedicated to the memory of my late Guru Padmini Ramachandran and all the Gurus who have given so much to us.

Sheila Pitchumoni Narayanan

At a young age, Sheila Pitchumoni Narayanan began learning Bharatha Natyam from legendary dancer and actress Padmini. Over the next 30 years, Sheila continued to learn and teach at the Padmini Institute of Fine Arts in New Jersey. As a prime student of Padmini, Sheila has traveled all over the country with her Guru. In 2002, with the blessings of Padmini and the other Gurus of Padmini Institute of Fine Arts, Sheila started her dance school, Shreyas Arts, in Tampa. Sheila is an extremely patient and caring teacher who believes that art should be filled with love. She focuses on bringing out the unique and individual talents of her students. Sheila is also a gifted orator and storyteller. She has a unique ability to bring ancient Hindu stories to life in a unique manner without losing the integrity of the original story. Sheila’s daughter, Shreya, was her first student.

Shreya Narayanan

Shreya Narayanan has been dancing, choreographing, and teaching for several years. She had her arangetram, conducted by the Gurus of Padmini Institute of Fine Arts, at the young age of 12. She is a highly requested teacher by many of the students. Her fine timing, quick movements, and strong abhinaya have left nationwide audiences spellbound. Shreya has performed in the United States and India for elite audiences. Since her arangetram, she has learned from some of the most reputed dancers, including Shobana, Kalmandalam Radhika, and Aarti Bodani. Shreya is also a practicing gastroenterologist.

The Journey of Sheila and Shreya at Shreyas Arts

Sheila and Shreya run Shreyas Arts together. The mother-daughter team has earned a reputation for excellence in choreography, performance, organization, and teaching skills. Bharatha Natyam is a passion for both mother and daughter. Together, they have revived several of Padmini’s highly acclaimed productions while creating several unique shows of their own.